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Creating Digital AI Workers for financial institutions


Our Features

Self Learning AI Digital Worker - Lina

  • Suggests unique loan products with an AI rating after engaging with the customer looking for a business loan.
  • 24*7 Customer support , saving 90% cost replacing human customer service agents.
  • Self-learning capabilities with personalised answers.
  • Efficient query resolution with improved satisfaction.

AI Worker For Loan Document Collection

  • Pre-qualification check of loan application.
  • Online application with modern user experience.
  • Saves 20 hours every week reminding applicants to upload financial documents.
  • KYB & underwriting - reducing manual work by 90% by automating KYB checks & credit ratings.

SamurAI , AI ERP Solution

  • Every loan application to have an AI generated rating.
  • AI summary which summarizes long applications & helps processing it faster.
  • 360-Degree customer insights.
  • Predictive customer behaviour analysis & fraud detection.

Founder’s Vision

Jeet Pattanaik
Jeet Pattanaik

In Germany and the EU, the financial sector faces a demographic challenge as many bank and financial consultants will retire in the next 5-10 years. There is also difficulty in hiring and training new professionals. Smart AI solutions with Digital AI Workers can address this issue by making operations smoother and more effective.

After a decade of developing ERP solutions with SAP and other major tech platforms, we noticed significant gaps that big tech firms are overlooking. To bridge these gaps, we founded Glokal AI. Our mission is to leverage AI to make the processes & decision making faster , efficient and robust.

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